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A Buffalo Seminary Society?

A Missive from Deacon Post:

Dear Mrs. McGuire,

I hope you are doing well! 

I have a little initiative or appeal that perhaps you may be able to help me with.  Over the years, many people from St. Anthony’s, as well as other good Catholics in the Buffalo area, have helped me through the seminary, both spiritually and materially.  As I approach nearer and nearer to ordination, I was wondering if I might find a way in the future to put people in touch with other seminarians who need help.  In the churches of the Institute, we have what is called the “Seminary Society” which serves this function, but maybe there is some interest in doing something like this in Buffalo.

One thing people can do is “adopt” a Seminarian (, as your family has done for me, by making the commitment to pray for him each day.  Many of the faithful also send Christmas or other holiday cards to their seminarians, or they may send them prayer intentions.  Several families have done this for me over the years and it is very much appreciated; first, because we are thousands of miles from home, and second, because the desire of the faithful for good traditional priests can be a great encouragement for a seminarian in the difficult moments of his formation (there are no shortage of temptations along the way, the devil does not want young men to become priests…!)

Secondly, it must be said that the seminary and seminarians have material needs.  The Institute of Christ the King receives no funding from any diocese or other ecclesiastical institution for St Philip Neri Seminary.  So the Institute asks each seminarian to try to pay $1000 a month for his educational costs.  No seminarian is ever turned away for inability to pay, but the Seminary cannot exist without donations.  Seminarians also have to pay for health care and international travel (some do not see their families for years). 

So with that said, I would be appreciative if you could forward this email along to your contacts at St. Anthony’s, Una Voce, or elsewhere!  I am attaching two particular appeals.  One from a Deacon in my class, Abbe Ross Bourgeois and another from a second year seminarian from Brazil, Abbe Jorge Maciel Martins.

If anyone would like to donate to them, they can either arrange to do so directly, or it is possible to make a donation to the Institute and earmark the money for a seminarian (  This has the advantage of being tax deductible!

Anyone with questions or ideas is also most welcome to contact me at

In Christ the King,

Abbe Ryan Post

Dear Friends and Family,
As I approach the end of my seminary career, I have only to be thankful for the compounded joyful experiences offered to me over the course of seven years. Fresh from high school, I have tried to answer the call of Jesus Christ to serve him in his sacred priesthood, knowing that it has become, more and more each day, all that I want to be; "All good things come together for those who love God''. Material hardships always threaten, but are worked into God's plan, to manifest His Providence and benevolence- and knowing this, I have tried to make God's plan my only plan; but through the years, I have had to struggle to find funds for my formation... so I am blessed to have made it this far! ...And with so many cherished memories collected along the way...
And I have already been able to exercise my deaconal functions!
On July 4th, 2018, I was ordained a deacon, in Florence, Italy
Abbé Bourgeois baptizing in California

I was able teach at one of our schools in Belgium, and made memories for life...

And now, this year I have been assigned to our German Convent of Maria Engelport
With your generous help, I hope to avoid starting my priesthood with debt, after the costs of seminary formation, and expenses that are incurred coming up to the ordination, like travel and my vestments for the priesthood
Thank you for your consideration, and you are more than welcome to contact me with any questions you may have; if you or someone you know would be willing to help a seminarian in his final steps toward the altar, please feel free to click the links below and communicate this email!
Or please email me personallyfor more information...
Abbé R Bourgeois | Flaumbachtal 4Treis-Karden, 56253 Germany 5044914186
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