Buffalo Mass Mob is Coming to St. Anthony's

On June 25th, the Buffalo Mass Mob will be coming to St. Anthony's. This will be the first time the Mass Mob will attend a Traditional Latin Mass.  The Mass Mob began on Facebook by organizing a Mass at St. Adalbert's on Buffalo's East Side. The concept is to use social media to organize followers to attend Mass at one of Buffalo's historic churches in order to expose the larger community to these architectural treasures and help boost revenue.  In total, the group has organized 20 events since 2013.  The events typically attract large numbers.  According to the emails sent out by the group, Buffalo Mass Mob will be providing those on its distribution list with information about the Latin Mass in advance. The event at St. Anthony's is not organized by Una Voce Buffalo, however, we anticipate distributing Mass Propers and other information for visitors not familiar with the the Traditional Latin Mass.